Labels, Labels, everywhere

First off, you need the 7.0.1 updater for ColdFusion and the ColdFusion Report Builder installed to run this.  They can be found here: 

Now a pretty picture:

This wizard will allow you to create labels using standard avery styles or one that you define yourself.  This has not been officially sanctioned by Macromedia and I'm providing it because I like it, think it works just fine,  and it's cool, but it's not officially supported.

Once you have chosen your label type, you make your standard query, then define the layout.  The layout will be generated, but you will need to probably tweak it with a report function or something to get the exact text that you want, but you will get at least a semi-decent layout to start with.

Oh, and to download the label wizard itself, you can get it here: . All you need to do is unzip it in the wizards directory of your Report Builder installation and you  have a new wizard type.  : - )


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I have used the lable wixzard successfully for printing out mailing labels. But how can I have barcodes and logos (images) inside this, is that going to be possible ?
# Posted By Anuj Gakhar | 12/25/09 5:34 AM
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